Student Thesaurus

One entry found for deduction.
Entry Word: deduction
Function: noun
Text: 1 something that is or may be subtracted <contestants get a deduction from their scores for every incorrect guess>
Synonyms abatement, discount, reduction
Related Words kickback, rebate; dent, depreciation; decline, decrement, diminishment, diminution, drop, fall, loss; forfeit, forfeiture, penalty
Near Antonyms accretion, accrual, augmentation, boost, gain, increase, increment, raise, rise; appreciation
Antonyms accession, addition
2 the act or an instance of taking away from a total <the deduction of the amount awarded to the plaintiff in order to pay the legal fees> -- see SUBTRACTION
3 an opinion arrived at through a process of reasoning <his impressive deduction of the correct answer from only a few hints> -- see CONCLUSION 1