Student Thesaurus

One entry found for delicate.
Entry Word: delicate
Function: adjective
Text: 1 satisfying or pleasing because of fineness or mildness <a heavy sauce would spoil the delicate flavor of this fish>
Synonyms dainty, exquisite, refined, subtle
Related Words choice, elegant, extraordinary, incomparable, peerless, preeminent, prime, rare, select, superior, superlative, supreme, transcendent, unsurpassed; picked, selected; fine, fragile, frail
Near Antonyms coarse, crude, rough; common, ordinary; average, fair, indifferent, mediocre, medium, middling, run-of-the-mill, second-rate
Antonyms robust, strong, sturdy
2 able to sense slight impressions or differences <only a person with delicate taste buds could tell the difference between these two wines> -- see ACUTE 1
3 accomplished with trained ability <the delicate handling of a difficult diplomatic situation> -- see SKILLFUL
4 easily broken <delicate glassware that must be carefully wrapped for shipping> -- see FRAGILE 1
5 easily injured without careful handling <the delicate ecosystem of the wetlands> -- see TENDER 1
6 hard to please <a person of delicate tastes> -- see FINICKY
7 having qualities that appeal to a refined taste <delicate perfumes that only a connoisseur of scents would appreciate> -- see CHOICE
8 lacking bodily strength <a delicate child who was never allowed to play sports> -- see WEAK 1
9 made or done with extreme care and accuracy <delicate measurements that are only possible with the latest medical technology> -- see FINE 2
10 meeting the highest standard of accuracy <delicate instruments such as an atomic clock> -- see PRECISE 1
11 not harsh or stern especially in manner, nature, or effect <a delicate breeze was floating in from the open window> -- see GENTLE 1
12 requiring exceptional skill or caution in performance or handling <the delicate situation of inviting two people who don't like each other to the same party> -- see TRICKY