Student Thesaurus

One entry found for disobey.
Entry Word: disobey
Function: verb
Text: to go against the commands, prohibitions, or rules of <students who disobey their teachers and use cell phones in class> <drivers who consistently disobey traffic laws>
Synonyms defy, rebel (against)
Related Words mutiny (against), revolt (against); disregard, ignore, tune out; dismiss, flout, pooh-pooh, reject, scoff (at), scorn, shrug off; break, transgress, violate; combat, contest, dispute, fight, oppose, resist, withstand
Near Antonyms defer (to), serve, submit (to), surrender (to), yield (to); keep, observe; accede (to), acquiesce (to), agree (to), assent (to), comply (with), conform (to), oblige; attend, hear, heed, listen (to), mark, note, notice, regard, watch
Antonyms follow, mind, obey