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Entry Word: empty
Function: adjective
Text: 1 lacking contents that could or should be present <the refrigerator is empty, so we'll have to eat out>
Synonyms bare, blank, devoid, stark, vacant, void
Related Words barren, hollow; available, clear, free, open; unfilled, unfurnished; unattended, uninhabited, unoccupied; abandoned, deserted, emptied, forsaken, vacated; depleted, drained, dry, exhausted
Near Antonyms complete; replete; furnished, provided, supplied; filled, occupied; flush, overflowing, packed, teeming
Antonyms full
2 feeling a desire or need for food <as the long car trip wore on, we all started to feel a little empty> -- see HUNGRY 1
3 having no meaning <spare me your empty apologies because if you were truly sorry, you'd change> -- see MEANINGLESS
4 having no usefulness <an empty task that was assigned just to keep us busy> -- see WORTHLESS
5 producing no results <all of the leads in the missing-person case were turning up empty> -- see FUTILE