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Entry Word: fact
Function: noun
Text: 1 the quality of being actual <like other scientists, astronomers deal in the realm of fact, not speculation>
Synonyms actuality, factuality, materiality, reality
Related Words authenticity, genuineness, truth
Near Antonyms fancy, fantasy (also phantasy), fiction; fictitiousness
Antonyms unreality
2 something that actually exists <once considered a wild fantasy, the Internet is now a fact of everyday life>
Synonyms case, materiality, reality
Related Words certainty, inevitability; circumstance, event, occurrence, phenomenon; element, item, particular, thing
Near Antonyms eventuality, possibility, potentiality, probability
Antonyms fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, illusion
3 a single piece of information <a book of little-known facts about famous people>
Synonyms datum, detail, nicety, particular, particularity, point
Related Words article, item; element, ingredient, part; aspect, facet, factor; evidence, exhibit; database, information, knowledge
Near Antonyms error, fallacy, falsehood, misconception, myth