Student Thesaurus

One entry found for fail.
Entry Word: fail
Function: verb
Text: 1 to stop functioning <my video camera failed just as I was about to shoot the big moment>
Synonyms break, break down, conk (out), crash, cut out, die, give out, stall
Related Words fizzle, sputter, wheeze; malfunction
Antonyms start (up)
2 to be unsuccessful <despite all the publicity, the movie failed miserably at the box office>
Synonyms collapse, flop, flunk, fold, wash out
Related Words flounder, struggle; decline, slip, slump, wane
Phrases fall flat
Near Antonyms flourish, prosper, thrive
Antonyms succeed
3 to fall short in satisfying the expectation or hope of <Boston Red Sox fans are pretty much used to having the team fail them> -- see DISAPPOINT
4 to lose bodily strength or vigor <ever since she reached the age of 90, Grandma has been noticeably failing> -- see WEAKEN 2
5 to miss the opportunity or obligation <failed to mention that he had already been paid for the job by the homeowner's wife> -- see NEGLECT 3