Student Thesaurus

One entry found for flexible.
Entry Word: flexible
Function: adjective
Text: 1 capable of being readily changed <fortunately, Mom has a very flexible schedule for her office job>
Synonyms adaptable, adjustable, alterable, changeable, elastic, fluid, malleable, modifiable, variable
Related Words changing, fluctuating, inconstant, unstable, unsteady, varying
Near Antonyms constant, stable, steady, unchanging, uniform, unvarying
Antonyms established, fixed, immutable, inelastic, inflexible, invariable, nonmalleable, ramrod, set, unalterable, unchangeable
2 not bound by rigid standards <has a flexible attitude when it comes to bedtime> -- see EASYGOING 2
3 able to bend easily without breaking <the tent was held up by two flexible rods threaded through the top> -- see WILLOWY
4 able to revert to original size and shape after being stretched, squeezed, or twisted <used a flexible plastic for the toy> -- see ELASTIC 1