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Entry Word: holy
Function: adjective
Text: 1 showing a devotion to God and to a life of virtue <the holy monk spent many hours on his knees in prayer>
Synonyms devout, godly, pious, religious, sainted, saintly
Related Words ascetic, prayerful, reverent, reverential, spiritual, worshipful; beatified, blessed, canonized, venerable; angelic (or angelical), cherubic; chaste, pure, righteous, virtuous
Near Antonyms blasphemous, desecrating, irreverent, profane, sacrilegious, unspiritual; backsliding, unfaithful; sinful, sinning, wicked
Antonyms faithless, godless, impious, irreligious, ungodly, unholy
2 set apart or worthy of veneration by association with God <the Torah contains the holy writings of Judaism>
Synonyms blessed, consecrated, hallowed, sacred, sacrosanct, sanctified
Related Words adored, enshrined, glorified, revered, venerated, worshipped (also worshiped); ceremonial, liturgical, priestly, religious, ritual, spiritual; biblical, scriptural
Near Antonyms nonreligious, unspiritual; earthly, mundane, secular, temporal, worldly
Antonyms unconsecrated, unhallowed, unsanctified
3 of, relating to, or being God <the Holy Trinity>
Synonyms blessed, divine, godlike, heavenly, sacred, supernatural
Related Words eternal, everlasting, immortal; almighty, omnipotent, omniscient, supreme
Near Antonyms human, mortal
4 not to be violated, criticized, or tampered with <the hour every Saturday she listens to her radio program is holy and you'd better not make her miss it> -- see SACRED 1