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Entry Word: home
Function: noun
Text: 1 the place where one lives <as we entered his 34-room mansion, Ernest said, "Welcome to my humble home!">
Synonyms abode, diggings, domicile, dwelling, fireside, habitation, hearth, hearthstone, house, lodging, pad, place, quarters, residence, roof
Related Words accommodations, housing, nest, residency, shelter; bungalow, cabin, chalet, cottage; duplex, ranch, split level, town house, tract house, triplex; apartment, apartment house, condominium, flat, tenement, tenement house, walk-up; penthouse, salon, suite; barracks, boardinghouse, dorm, dormitory, lodgment (or lodgement), lodging house, room(s), rooming house; castle, château, country seat, estate, manor, manor house, mansion, palace, villa; farmhouse, grange, hacienda, homestead, ranch house; houseboat, mobile home, motor home, trailer; hermitage, manse, parsonage, vicarage; hovel, hut, shack
2 the place where a plant or animal is usually or naturally found <the American south, the home of the armadillo>
Synonyms habitat, niche, range, territory
Related Words element, environment, environs, haunt, locality, milieu, neighborhood, setting, surroundings
3 the land of one's birth, residence, or citizenship <people who have a common home, traditions, language, and food tend to form their own communities in their adopted countries> -- see COUNTRY 1