Student Thesaurus

One entry found for impermissible.
Entry Word: impermissible
Function: adjective
Text: that may not be permitted <chewing gum is an impermissible activity in school>
Synonyms banned, barred, forbidden, interdicted, outlawed, prohibited, proscribed, taboo (also tabu)
Related Words intolerable, unacceptable, unbearable, unendurable; illegal, illegitimate, illicit, improper, inappropriate, unadvisable, unauthorized, unlawful, unlicensed, unmentionable; unseemly, unsuitable; objectionable; disallowed, disapproved, discouraged; refused, rejected, revoked, unsanctioned, vetoed; repressed, suppressed; precluded, prevented, stopped; excluded, ruled out, shut out; blocked, hindered, impeded, obstructed
Near Antonyms acceptable, bearable, endurable, tolerable; accepted, accredited, allowed, appropriate, approved, authorized, certified, endorsed, lawful, legal, legitimate, licensed (also licenced), OK (or okay), permitted, warranted; accorded, granted, sanctioned, vouchsafed; brooked, condoned, countenanced; encouraged, promoted, supported; commanded, mandatory, ordered, required; proper, seemly, suitable, tolerated, unobjectionable
Antonyms allowable, licensable, permissible, permissive, sufferable