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Entry Word: large
Function: adjective
Text: of a size greater than average of its kind <he was hungry, so he ordered the large pizza>
Synonyms big, bulky, considerable, goodly, good-sized, grand, great, handsome, hefty, hulking, largish, outsize (also outsized), oversize (or oversized), sizable (or sizeable), substantial, tidy, voluminous
Related Words astronomical (also astronomic), bumper, cavernous, colossal, enormous, gigantic, gross, heroic, huge, immense, jumbo, king-size (or king-sized), major, mammoth, massive, monolithic, monstrous, monumental, prodigious, staggering, stupendous, super, tremendous, vast, vasty, whacking, whopping; excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, extreme, immoderate, inordinate; abundant, ample, appreciable, copious, plentiful; fat, thick; capacious, commodious, roomy, spacious
Near Antonyms diminutive, microscopic (or microscopical), midget, miniature, minute, pint-size (or pint-sized), pocket-size (also pocket-sized), pygmy, smallish, teeny, teeny-weeny, tiny, wee; petite, slender, slight, slim, thin
Antonyms little, puny, small, undersized