Student Thesaurus

One entry found for mediocre.
Entry Word: mediocre
Function: adjective
Text: 1 of average to below average quality <your grades are mediocre and barely acceptable>
Synonyms common, fair, indifferent, medium, middling, ordinary, passable, run-of-the-mill, second-rate, so-so
Related Words acceptable, adequate, all right, alright, decent, OK (or okay), reasonable, satisfactory, sufficient, sufficing, tolerable; moderate, modest; presentable, respectable; minimal, unexceptional; fine, good, nice
Near Antonyms distinguished, excellent, exceptional, exquisite, first-class, first-rate, matchless, maximum, optimal, optimum, outstanding, peerless, preeminent, special, superior, supreme, top-notch; unmatched, unparalleled, unsurpassed; deficient, inadequate, insufficient, lacking, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, wanting
2 of low quality <mediocre carvings in a pseudo-African style that are sold to tourists> -- see CHEAP 2