Student Thesaurus

One entry found for nameless.
Entry Word: nameless
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not named or identified by a name <the victim of the crime will remain nameless to protect his privacy> <nameless editors who write TV listings in the newspaper>
Synonyms anonymous, incognito, unbaptized, unchristened, unidentified, unnamed, untitled
Related Words unspecified; obscure, uncelebrated, unheard-of, unknown, unnoted, unremarkable
Near Antonyms denominated, designated, specified; labeled (or labelled), tabbed, titled; celebrated, famed, famous, known, notable, noted, noteworthy, remarkable, renowned, well-known
Antonyms baptized, christened, dubbed, named, termed
2 beyond the power to describe <was seized with a nameless, vague fear that made her seek the companionship of another person> -- see INDESCRIBABLE
3 not widely known <a nameless poet who has just been rediscovered by readers of love poems> -- see OBSCURE 2