Student Thesaurus

One entry found for naturally.
Entry Word: naturally
Function: adverb
Text: 1 by natural character or ability <tour guides who are naturally outgoing and can easily approach and converse with strangers>
Synonyms constitutionally, inherently, innately, intrinsically
Related Words elementally, essentially, fundamentally; instinctively, intuitively; intimately
Near Antonyms artificially, unnaturally
2 according to the usual course of things <we naturally like to be as comfortable as possible>
Synonyms commonly, generally, normally, ordinarily, typically, usually
Related Words customarily, habitually, regularly, routinely; familiarly; conventionally, traditionally
Phrases of course
Near Antonyms oddly, peculiarly, queerly, strangely; anomalously, irregularly; radically
Antonyms abnormally, atypically, extraordinarily, uncommonly, unusually
3 without any attempt to impress by deception or exaggeration <he tried to act naturally around the girl he had a crush on>
Synonyms artlessly, guilelessly, ingenuously, innocently, naively, sincerely, unaffectedly, unfeignedly, unpretentiously
Related Words genuinely, honestly, simply, truly; freely, openheartedly, openly; candidly, frankly, matter-of-factly; informally, relaxedly, unceremoniously
Near Antonyms artfully, cannily, deceitfully, deceptively, deviously, dishonestly, falsely; archly, calculatingly, craftily, cunningly, furtively, insidiously, sharply, shiftily, slickly, slyly, underhand, underhanded, underhandedly; flatteringly, sycophantically, unctuously
Antonyms affectedly, artificially, hypocritically, insincerely, pretentiously, unnaturally