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Entry Word: noble
Function: adjective
Text: 1 of high birth, rank, or station <despite his noble background, the prince is known for his unpretentious way with common people>
Synonyms aristocratic, genteel, gentle, grand, highborn, patrician, upper-class, wellborn
Related Words high, lofty, superior; elevated, ennobled, exalted; gentlemanly, kingly, knightly, ladylike, lordly, princely, queenly, regal, royal; high-level, senior
Near Antonyms inferior, knavish; bastard, illegitimate; ordinary, plain; abased, degraded; junior, subordinate
Antonyms baseborn, common, humble, ignoble, low, lower-class, lowly, mean, plebeian
2 having, characterized by, or arising from a dignified and generous nature <the factory owner had a kind, noble disposition that showed in his unstinting generosity toward the poor> <our country was founded on the noble ideas that are put forth in the founding fathers' writings>
Synonyms chivalrous, elevated, gallant, great, greathearted, high, high-minded, lofty, lordly, magnanimous, sublime
Related Words ennobled, exalted, glorified; heroic, honorable, venerable, worthy; knightly, princely, regal; moving, inspiring, uplifting; august, magnificent, majestic
Near Antonyms sordid, squalid, vile, wretched; abominable, contemptible, despicable, detestable, hateful, offensive, repulsive, ugly; dastardly, dirty, lousy, sorry; little, mean, narrow, small-minded; degrading, discreditable, humiliating, ignominious; coarse, crude, vulgar
Antonyms base, debased, degenerate, degraded, ignoble, low
3 following the accepted rules of moral conduct <his noble behavior when he was being unjustly attacked by his political opponents> -- see HONORABLE 1
4 large and impressive in size, grandeur, extent, or conception <Peter the Great's plan to build for Russia a capital city as noble as any in Europe> -- see GRAND 1
5 of the very best kind <a noble racehorse> -- see EXCELLENT
6 standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement <a noble professor known internationally for his medical research> -- see EMINENT