Student Thesaurus

One entry found for notion.
Entry Word: notion
Function: noun
Text: 1 notions plural
small useful items <the fabric store had a wide variety of thread, pins, buttons, and other notions>
Synonyms novelties, odds and ends, sundries
Related Words bauble(s), bric-a-brac, gewgaw(s), knickknack(s), trinket(s); hodgepodge, miscellany, variety
2 a sudden impulsive and apparently unmotivated idea or action <I have a notion to go roller-skating this afternoon> -- see WHIM
3 an idea that is believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge <has this naive notion that most people are basically honest> -- see OPINION 1
4 something imagined or pictured in the mind <that modernistic building does not match my notion of what a country cottage should look like> -- see IDEA