Student Thesaurus

One entry found for obstinate.
Entry Word: obstinate
Function: adjective
Text: sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion <the child was obstinate about wanting that specific toy, despite being offered several others>
Synonyms adamant, adamantine, dogged, hard, hardened, hardheaded, hardhearted, headstrong, immovable, implacable, inflexible, mulish, obdurate, opinionated, ossified, pat, peevish, pertinacious, perverse, pigheaded, rigid, self-willed, stubborn, unbending, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, willful (or wilful)
Related Words hidebound, narrow-minded; resistant, wayward, wrongheaded; persistent, tenacious; iron, relentless; grim, severe, stern, strict; determined, firm, inexorable, resolved, single-minded, steadfast, sure, unflinching; contrary, disobedient, froward, insubordinate, intractable, recalcitrant, refractory, uncooperative, ungovernable, unmanageable, unruly; defiant, insurgent, mutinous; indomitable, invincible, unconquerable; confirmed, inveterate, unregenerate; demanding, exacting
Near Antonyms docile, law-abiding, obedient, submissive, tractable; accepting, receptive, responsive, willing; governable, manageable, reasonable, temperate; slavish, subservient
Antonyms acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, compliant, complying, flexible, pliable, pliant, relenting, yielding