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Entry Word: pain
Function: noun
Text: 1 a sharp unpleasant sensation usually felt in some specific part of the body <the child was crying because of a pain in her knee>
Synonyms ache, pang, prick, smart, sting, stitch, throe, tingle, twinge
Related Words discomfort, distress, soreness, tenderness; agony, anguish, misery, suffering, torment, torture; inflammation, swelling; damage, harm, hurt, injury; backache, bellyache, charley horse, colic, earache, gripe, headache, stomachache, toothache
Near Antonyms comfort, ease
2 a state of great suffering of body or mind <a sprained ankle caused him great pain for a week> -- see DISTRESS 1
3 pains plural
strict attentiveness to what one is doing <take pains to be sure that you don't damage anything> -- see CARE 1
4 pains plural
the active use of energy in producing a result <she was at pains to reassure us that everything would be fine> -- see EFFORT