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Entry Word: profane
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not involving religion or religious matters <it was hard to juggle the requirements of church and our more profane duties>
Synonyms secular, temporal
Related Words atheistic, godless, irreligious, pagan; lay, nonclerical; nondenominational, nonsectarian; earthly, mundane, terrestrial, worldly; material, physical, substantial; bodily, carnal, corporal, fleshly; blasphemous, impious, irreverent, sacrilegious; unconsecrated, unhallowed, unsanctified
Near Antonyms divine, spiritual; consecrated, hallowed, holy, sanctified; churchly, devout, godly, pious, prayerful, reverent, worshipful; ethereal, insubstantial, metaphysical, unsubstantial; bodiless, immaterial, incorporeal, nonphysical
Antonyms religious, sacred
2 not showing proper reverence for the holy or sacred <offended by the profane language that her coworkers used so casually> -- see IRREVERENT