Student Thesaurus

One entry found for proficient.
Entry Word: proficient
Function: adjective
Text: having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor <she is quite proficient at computer repair> <a proficient rendition of a difficult piano piece>
Synonyms accomplished, ace, adept, consummate, crack, crackerjack, experienced, expert, good, great, master, masterful, masterly, practiced (or practised), skilled, skillful, versed, veteran, virtuoso
Related Words adroit, clever, deft, dexterous (also dextrous), handy; gifted, talented; experienced, polished, refined; effective, effectual, efficient, workmanlike; able, capable, competent, fit, qualified; educated, knowledgeable, schooled, taught, trained, tutored; all-around (also all-round), well-rounded; long-term, old
Near Antonyms incapable, incompetent, inept, unable, unfit, unqualified; artless, crude, rude; ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient; ungifted, untalented; ignorant, unschooled, untaught, untrained, untutored; beginning, green, inexperienced, new, raw, untested, untried; rough, unpolished
Antonyms amateur, amateurish, inexperienced, inexpert, unexperienced, unpracticed, unprofessional, unseasoned, unskilled, unskillful