Student Thesaurus

One entry found for radiant.
Entry Word: radiant
Function: adjective
Text: 1 having or being an outward sign of good feelings (as of love, confidence, or happiness) <left the interview with a radiant smile on her face, confident she had gotten the job> <a radiant bride>
Synonyms aglow, beaming, glowing, sunny
Related Words brilliant, dazzling, effulgent, gleaming, luminous, refulgent, shining, starry; blithe, blithesome, bright, cheerful, cheery, chipper, gay, gladsome, lightsome, merry, mirthful, optimistic, upbeat; jocund, jovial, laughing, smiling; blooming, rosy
Near Antonyms flat, listless, stoic (or stoical), unemotional; dark, darkening, depressing, dismal, gloomy, glum, gray (also grey), melancholy, sullen; frowning, glaring, glowering, lowering (also louring), scowling
2 giving off or reflecting much light <from the plane we could see the statehouse's radiant gold dome> -- see BRIGHT 1