Student Thesaurus

One entry found for skillful.
Entry Word: skillful
Function: adjective
Text: 1 accomplished with trained ability <the ice skater performed a skillful and graceful series of jumps>
Synonyms adroit, artful, delicate, dexterous (also dextrous), expert, masterful, masterly, practiced (or practised), virtuoso, workmanlike
Related Words facile, smooth; artistic, creative, fancy, ingenious, neat; adept, clever, cunning; able, adequate, capable, competent
Near Antonyms awkward, clumsy, crude; ineffective, ineffectual; incompetent, inept
Antonyms amateur, amateurish, artless, rude, unprofessional, unskillful
2 having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor <performance testing of automobiles that should be done only by skillful drivers on a closed course> -- see PROFICIENT