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Entry Word: slave
Function: noun
Text: 1 a person who is considered the property of another person <many American slaves reached freedom in the North through the network known as the Underground Railroad>
Synonyms bondman, bondsman, chattel, thrall
Related Words helot, serf; attendant, domestic, drudge, lackey, menial, servant
Near Antonyms freedman; enslaver, slave driver, slaveholder, slaver; master, taskmaster
Antonyms freeman
2 a person who does very hard or dull work <unappreciated office slaves who perform the necessary but tedious task of filing paperwork>
Synonyms drudge, drudger, fag, grubber, laborer, peon, plugger, slogger, toiler, worker
Related Words workhorse; coolie, serf
Near Antonyms goldbrick, shirker; drone, idler, lazybones, loafer, slouch, slug, sluggard