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Entry Word: vacancy
Function: noun
Text: 1 empty space <the vast vacancy that exists between our solar system and the nearest star having its own orbiting planets>
Synonyms blank, blankness, emptiness, vacuity, void
Related Words nothingness; vacuum; bareness, barrenness, bleakness, desolateness, hollowness
Near Antonyms fullness, repleteness
2 the quality or state of being empty <the vacancy of the cavernous gymnasium was eerily apparent to me as I shot baskets alone>
Synonyms bareness, emptiness, vacuity
Related Words hollowness; blankness, vacuum, void; barrenness, bleakness, desolateness; availability, clearness, openness; depletion, dryness, exhaustion
Near Antonyms completeness; abundance, fatness, repleteness
Antonyms fullness