Parental Review Request Form

We may collect your child's email address and first name on in order to send our electronic newsletters, to identify entrants and award prizes in our online sweepstakes, or to respond to inquiries. Our privacy policy can be found at

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 13, you have the right to review any personal information that we have collected from your child online and to request that we cease using or collecting it and that we delete it from our records.

To make your request, please print, fill out, sign and return this form by any of the following methods:

  • Mail to this address:

    Electronic Publishing Department
    Merriam-Webster Inc.
    47 Federal Street
    Springfield, MA 01102

  • Fax to 413-731-5979, or

  • Email with your digital signature to

Please check any or all of the options below:

_____ I wish to review all of the personal information currently collected on my child at

_____ Please delete all personal information currently collected on my child at

_____ In the future, please do not use or collect at any personal information regarding my child.

Child's Email Address: ____________________________________________________

Child's First Name: _______________________________________________________

Your Email address: _______________________________________________________

Your relationship to the child: _______________________________________________

Your name: ______________________________________________________________

Your Signature: __________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________________