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Main Entry: Gem·i·ni
Pronunciation: primarystressjem-schwa-(secondarystress)nemacron, -secondarystressnimacr; primarystressgem-schwa-secondarystressnemacron
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, literally, "the twins" (Castor and Pollux)
1 : a group of stars between Taurus and Cancer usually pictured as twins sitting together
2 a : the third sign of the zodiac -- see ZODIAC table b : a person whose sign of the zodiac is Gemini
Word History Among the gods worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans was a set of twins named Castor and Pollux. They were believed to be sons of Zeus and Leda. These twins spent most of their lives together, and after their deaths, Zeus allowed them to spend eternity together in the sky as stars. They were worshipped as protectors of athletes and sailors. The two of them are usually pictured together in the constellation called Gemini, the Latin word for "twins."

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