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Main Entry: 1abanĚdon
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystressban-dschwan
Function: verb
1 : to give up completely
2 : to withdraw from often in the face of danger <abandon ship>
3 : to withdraw protection, support, or help from <abandoned the dog>
4 : to give oneself up to an emotion
- abandoner noun
- abanĚdonĚment /-mschwant/ noun
synonyms ABANDON, DESERT, FORSAKE mean to leave without intending to return. ABANDON suggests that the person or thing left behind is helpless or needs protection <the baby was abandoned on the steps of the church>. DESERT suggests the breaking of a promise, duty, or relationship <deserted the cause when there was trouble> <mining towns that were deserted after the gold rush>. FORSAKE stresses leaving behind something known or loved well <could not forsake her friends>.

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