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Main Entry: am·e·thyst
Pronunciation: primarystressam-schwa-thschwast, -(secondarystress)thist
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English amatiste "amethyst," from early French amatiste and Latin amethystus (both with the same meaning), from Greek amethystos, literally "remedy against drunkenness," from a- "not" and methyein "to be drunk," from methy "wine"
1 : a clear purple or bluish violet variety of crystallized quartz used as a gem
2 : a medium purple
Word History Gems were once believed to have magical qualities. An amethyst, for example, was supposed to have the power to prevent or cure drunkenness in its wearer. For this reason the Greeks gave it the name amethystos, which comes from the prefix a-, meaning "not," and methyein "to be drunk."

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