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Main Entry: el·e·ment
Pronunciation: primarystressel-schwa-mschwant
Function: noun
1 a : one of the four substances air, water, fire, or earth formerly believed to make up the physical universe b plural : forces of nature; especially : stormy or cold weather c : the state or place natural or suited to a person or thing <at school she was in her element>
2 : one of the parts of which something is made up: as a plural : the simplest principles of a subject of study b : one of the basic individual things that belong to a mathematical set or class -- called also member c : any of more than 100 fundamental substances that consist of atoms of only one kind and that cannot be separated by ordinary chemical means into simpler substances d : a distinct part of a device used in the composing of print matter
3 plural : the bread and wine used in the sacrament of Communion
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