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Main Entry: em·bar·rass
Pronunciation: im-primarystressbar-schwas
Function: verb
1 : to cause to feel self-consciously confused or distressed <unexpected laughter embarrassed the speaker>
2 : to restrict the movement of : HINDER, IMPEDE
3 : to involve in financial difficulties
- em·bar·rass·ing·ly /-primarystressbar-schwa-sieng-lemacron/ adverb
synonyms EMBARRASS, DISCONCERT, ABASH mean to make upset, uncomfortable, or confused in one's emotions. EMBARRASS suggests a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort <embarrassed to see my relatives in the audience>. DISCONCERT suggests emotional upset or confusion from a strong and direct source <street noises disconcert me during piano practice>. ABASH suggests a complete loss of self-control (as from feelings of guilt or inferiority) <was abashed by their haughty behavior>.

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