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Main Entry: 1fast
Pronunciation: primarystressfast
Function: adjective
Etymology: Old English fæst "firmly fixed"
1 a : firmly fixed or bound b : tightly shut c : sticking firmly
2 : firmly loyal <became fast friends>
3 a : moving or able to move rapidly b : taking a short time c : giving quickness of motion (as to a thrown ball) d : favorable to speed <the faster route>
4 : indicating ahead of the correct time <my clock is fast>
5 : tricky and unfair <pulled a fast one>
6 : not likely to fade <fast colors>
synonyms FAST, RAPID, SWIFT, HASTY mean moving, proceeding, or acting with great speed. FAST usually applies to things that move <a fast horse>. RAPID usually applies to the movement itself <a river with a rapid current>. SWIFT suggests great rapidity combined with ease of movement <returned the ball with one swift stroke>. HASTY suggests rashness and often carelessness <a hasty inspection of the damage>.

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