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Main Entry: 1tone
Pronunciation: primarystresstomacrn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English tone "a musical sound, a sound from the voice," from Latin tonus "tension, tone, pitch," from Greek tonos "act of stretching, tension, tone, pitch"; so called because the pitch of the tone of a stringed musical instrument is related to how tightly the strings are stretched
1 a : a musical sound having a definite pitch : the sound of a note b : WHOLE STEP
2 : accent or pitch of the voice especially when used to express an emotion or a change in meaning <spoke in a sharp tone>
3 : style or manner of expression <reply in a friendly tone> <the author's tone shows his or her attitude toward the subject>
4 a : a shade of color <decorated in soft tones> b : a color that changes another <gray with a blue tone>
5 a : a healthy state of the body or any of its parts b : normal tension or ability to respond to stimuli; especially : the state of normal tension of a muscle in which it is partly contracted
6 : general character or quality <the city's upbeat tone>

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