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Main Entry: 1cred·it
Pronunciation: primarystresskred-schwat
Function: noun
Etymology: from early French credit "reputation, permission to buy without paying immediately," from early Italian credito (same meaning), from Latin creditum "loan," derived from credere "to believe, trust, entrust" --related to CREDENTIALS, CREED, INCREDIBLE
1 : a balance in an account in a person's favor <debits and credits>
2 : an amount or sum that a bank or company will let a person use
3 a : trust given to a customer for future payment for goods purchased <extended them credit> <buy on credit> b : reputation for paying one's bills <check on a person's credit> c : the providing of money or goods with the expectation of payment in the future <long-term credit>; also : money or goods so provided <used up their credit>
4 : CREDENCE, BELIEF <a story that deserves little credit>
5 : reputation for honesty or integrity : good name
6 : a source of honor <a credit to her school>
7 : something that adds to a person's reputation or honor <got credit for the discovery>
8 a : official certification of the completion of a course of study b : a unit of academic work for which such certification is made

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