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Main Entry: ea·ger
Pronunciation: primarystressemacron-gschwar
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English egre "sharp, sour, keen," from early French aigre (same meaning), from Latin acer (same meaning) --related to VINEGAR
: having or showing an impatient or enthusiastic desire or interest <was eager to get going> <were eager for news of old friends>
- ea·ger·ly adverb
- ea·ger·ness noun
synonyms EAGER, KEEN, ANXIOUS mean moved by a strong and urgent desire or interest. EAGER suggests great enthusiasm and sometimes impatience at delay or restriction <eager passengers waiting for the tour to start>. KEEN suggests strong interest and readiness to act <the new members are keen and willing to learn>. ANXIOUS stresses fear of failure or disappointment <I'm anxious to see the test scores>.

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