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Main Entry: 1ear
Pronunciation: primarystressi(schwa)r
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English emacronare "organ of hearing"
1 a : the organ of hearing and balance of vertebrates that in the typical mammal consists of a sound-collecting outer ear separated by an eardrum from a sound-carrying middle ear that in turn is separated from an inner ear containing neurons that receive sound and send nerve impulses to the brain b : OUTER EAR
2 a : the sense or act of hearing b : an ability to understand and appreciate something heard <a good ear for music> <an ear for languages>
3 : willing or sympathetic attention <give ear to a request> <lend an ear>
4 : something resembling an ear in shape or position
- eared /primarystressi(schwa)rd/ adjective
- ear·less /primarystressi(schwa)r-lschwas/ adjective
- all ears : listening eagerly <was all ears when friends spoke>
- by ear : relying on what one has heard rather than reading music <play a song by ear>
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