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Main Entry: eat
Pronunciation: primarystressemacront
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ate /primarystressamacrt/; eat·en /primarystressemacront-schwan/; eat·ing
1 : to take into the mouth and swallow food : chew and swallow in turn
2 : to have a meal <eat at home>
3 : to destroy as if by eating : wear away <rocks eaten away by waves>
4 : to affect something by destroying or using up bit by bit <termites eating away at a house> <acid eating into metal>
5 : to enjoy with excitement <the audience ate the show up>
- eat·er noun
synonyms EAT, CONSUME, DEVOUR mean to swallow usually after chewing. EAT is a general word that can apply to any manner of taking in food <eat your dinner>. CONSUME suggests eating up something completely <by noon they had consumed all of their food supplies>. DEVOUR suggests eating quickly and greedily <the hungry children devoured the grapes>.

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