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Main Entry: geˇneˇalˇoˇgy
Pronunciation: secondarystressjemacron-nemacron-primarystressäl-schwa-jemacron, secondarystressjen-emacron-, -primarystressal-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gies
1 : the line of ancestors of a person or family or a history of such a line of ancestors
2 : the study of family lines of ancestors
- geˇneˇaˇlogˇiˇcal /secondarystressjemacron-nemacron-schwa-primarystressläj-i-kschwal, secondarystressjen-emacron-/ adjective
- geˇneˇaˇlogˇiˇcalˇly /-k(schwa-)lemacron/ adverb
- geˇneˇalˇoˇgist /-primarystressäl-schwa-jschwast, -primarystressal-/ noun

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