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Main Entry: poo·dle
Pronunciation: primarystresspüd-schwal
Function: noun
Etymology: from German Pudel, a shortened form of Pudelhund "poodle," from pudeln "to splash" and Hund "dog"
: any of a breed of active intelligent dogs that have thick curly coats of solid color and that occur in three sizes
Word History Poodles are often seen with their coats clipped or cut in different patterns. Both their haircuts and their name go back to a time when poodles were kept not as house pets but as retrievers. Poodles were especially good at retrieving game in the water. The dogs were good swimmers, and they had heavy coats that kept them warm even in icy water. Hunters came up with the idea of cutting their dogs' hair shorter in a pattern that would make swimming easier. Cutting poodles' hair in a pattern soon became a tradition. The German name for this skillful swimmer was Pudelhund. This word combined pudeln, meaning "to splash," and hund, meaning "dog." It was then shortened to Pudel, which English borrowed as poodle.

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