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Main Entry: 1rise
Pronunciation: primarystressrimacrz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): rose /primarystressromacrz/; ris·en /primarystressriz-schwan/; ris·ing /primarystressrimacr-zieng/
1 a : to get up from lying, kneeling, or sitting b : to get up from sleep or from one's bed
2 : to return from death
3 : to take up arms <the people rose in rebellion>
4 : to appear above the horizon <sun rises at six>
5 a : to move upward : ASCEND <smoke rises> b : to extend upward <hill rises to a great height>
6 : to swell in size or volume <the river was rising> <bread dough rises>
7 a : to become encouraged <their spirits rose> b : to grow stronger <felt her anger rising>
8 a : to gain a higher rank or position <rose to colonel> b : to increase in quantity or number <prices were rising>
9 a : ARISE 2b <an ugly rumor had risen> b : to come into being : ORIGINATE <river rises in the hills>
10 : to show oneself equal to a demand or test <rise to the occasion>

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