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Main Entry: 1ser·vice
Pronunciation: primarystresssschwar-vschwas
Function: noun
1 a : the occupation or function of serving <in active service> b : employment as a servant <entered the queen's service>
2 a : the work or action performed by one that serves <gives good service> b : 2HELP 1, use, benefit <be of service to them> c : availability for use <I'll place a car at your service>
3 : a religious ceremony or rite <the burial service>
4 a : the act of serving b : a helpful act : good turn <did us a service> c : useful labor that does not produce goods -- usually used in plural <charge for professional services> d : 2SERVE
5 : a set of articles for a particular use <a tea service>
6 a : a branch of public employment or the people working in it <the consular service> b : a nation's armed forces <called into the service>
7 : an organization for supplying some public demand or keeping up and repairing something <bus service> <television sales and service>
- service adjective
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