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Main Entry: 1serve
Pronunciation: primarystresssschwarv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): served; serv·ing
1 a : to be a servant b : to give the service and respect due c : to work through or perform a term of service <served five years in the marines> d : to be in prison for or during <serving two years for robbery> <served a 10-year sentence>
2 a : to act officially as a clergyman or priest <serve mass> b : to assist as server at mass
3 a : to be of use : answer a purpose <the tree serves as shelter> b : to be favorable or convenient <when the time serves> c : to hold an office : perform a duty <serve on a jury>
4 : to be enough for <a pie that will serve eight people>
5 a : to help persons to food (as at a table or counter) b : to set out portions of food or drink
6 a : to furnish or supply with something needed or desired b : to wait on customers
7 : to treat or act toward in a certain way <they served me ill>
8 : to bring to notice, deliver, or carry out as required by law <serve a summons>
9 : to make a serve (as in tennis)
- serve one right : to be deserved

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