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Main Entry: 1set
Pronunciation: primarystressset
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): set; setĚting
1 : to cause to sit
2 : to give (a fowl) eggs to hatch or provide (eggs) with suitable conditions for hatching
3 a : to put or fix in a place, condition, or position <set a dish on the table> <set a trap> <set a watch> b : to place (a story or performance) in a specified setting <a book set in a small town>
4 : to direct with fixed attention <had set my heart on a new bike>
5 : to cause to be, become, or do <slaves were set free>
6 : to start on purpose <set a fire>
7 : to fix or decide on as a time, limit, or regulation <set a price> <set a wedding day>
8 a : to establish as the best performance <set a record> b : to furnish as a pattern or model <set an example>
9 : to restore to normal position or connection <set a broken bone>
10 a : to put in order for immediate use <set the table> b : to put in order for printing <set type by hand> c : to put into type or something like type (as on photographic film) <set the first word in italic>
11 : to wave, curl, or arrange hair by wetting and drying
12 : to fix in a setting or frame <set diamonds in a ring>
13 : 2VALUE 1, rate <set the loss at $2000>
14 : to put and fix in a direction <set our faces toward home once more>
15 : to fix firmly : give rigid form to <set his jaw in determination>
16 : to become or cause to become firm or solid <the gelatin is setting>
17 : to form and bring to maturity <the old tree still sets a good crop of apples>
18 chiefly dialect : SIT 1a, b
19 : to cover and warm eggs to hatch them <the hen has been setting for several days>
20 : to pass below the horizon <the sun sets>
21 : to apply oneself to some activity <set to work>
22 : to have a certain direction in motion : FLOW
23 : to become permanent <if you don't wash that fast the stain will set>
- set about : to begin to do
- set apart
1 : to reserve for a certain use
2 : to make noticeable
- set aside
1 : 1DISCARD 2
2 : to set apart for some purpose : RESERVE, SAVE
3 : ANNUL 2, overrule <the verdict was set aside by the court>
- set eyes on : to catch sight of : SEE <loved her from the minute he set eyes on her>
- set foot in : ENTER 1
- set foot on : to step onto
- set forth
1 : to make known <set forth an idea>
2 : to start out on a journey : SET OUT
- set in motion : to give movement to : BEGIN <set the plan in motion>
- set one's hand to : to become engaged in : UNDERTAKE
- set one's sights on : to determine to get or accomplish <set their sights on winning the game>
- set store : to consider valuable or trustworthy -- used with by or on
- set to music : to provide music for
- set upon : to attack usually with violence : ASSAULT

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