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Main Entry: 1spot
Pronunciation: primarystressspät
Function: noun
1 : something bad that others know about one : FAULT
2 a : a small area that is different (as in color) from the main part b : an area marred or marked (as by dirt) c : a small diseased or decayed area on the body surface of a plant or animal <spots of rot on a leaf> <spots of chicken pox>
3 a : a small quantity or amount b : a particular place <a good spot for a picnic> <a sore spot>
4 : a particular position (as in an organization or on a program)
6 : a position usually of difficulty or embarrassment <put someone in a spot>
7 : a short broadcast announcement or advertisement
- on the spot
1 : at once : IMMEDIATELY
2 : at the place of action
3 : in a difficult situation

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