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Main Entry: 1spring
Pronunciation: primarystresssprieng
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sprang /primarystressspraeng /; or sprung /primarystresssprschwaeng/; sprung; spring·ing /primarystresssprieng-ieng/
1 a : to appear or grow quickly <the weeds sprang up overnight> b : to come from by birth or descent <sprang from an immigrant family> c : to come into being : ARISE <towns sprang up across the plains>
2 : to move suddenly forward or upward : LEAP <a lion crouched and waiting to spring> <sprang up the path> <sprang to my feet>
3 : to have (a leak) appear
4 a : to move by elastic force <the lid sprang shut> b : to become warped or bent <the door has sprung>
5 a : to cause to operate suddenly <spring a trap> b : to produce suddenly <sprung a surprise on us>
6 : 1PAY 1 -- usually used with for <spring for a new pair of shoes>
7 : to release or cause to be released from confinement (as jail)

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