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Main Entry: 1staff
Pronunciation: primarystressstaf
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural staffs /primarystressstafs, primarystressstavz /; or staves /primarystressstavz, primarystressstamacrvz/
1 a : a pole, stick, rod, or bar used as a support or as a sign of authority <a flag hanging limp on its staff> b : the long handle of a weapon (as a lance or pike) c : 1CLUB 1a, cudgel
2 : something that is a source of strength <bread is the staff of life>
3 : the five horizontal lines and the spaces between them on which music is written
4 plural staffs a : a group of persons serving as assistants to or employees under a chief <a hospital staff> b : military officers who assist a commanding officer in planning and management but who do not take part in actual combat
- staff adjective
[staff illustration]

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