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Main Entry: get
Pronunciation: (primarystress)get, especially when unemphatic also git
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): got /(primarystress)gät/; got or gotĚten /primarystressgät-schwan/; getĚting
1 : to gain possession of (as by receiving, acquiring, earning, buying, or winning) <get a present> <got first prize> <get a dog>
2 a : to obtain by request or as a favor <get your mother's permission> b : to come to have <get a good night's sleep> c : to come down with (an illness) : CATCH <get the measles>
3 a : to succeed in coming or going <got out> <got home early> b : to cause to come or go <got the car to the gas station>
4 : to become the father of : BEGET
5 a : to cause to be in a certain condition <got his hair cut> <got her feet wet> b : BECOME 1 <get sick> <get better> <it's getting warmer> c : PREPARE 2 <started getting dinner>
6 a : 1BAFFLE 1, puzzle <the third question got everybody> b : IRRITATE 1 <don't let it get you> c : 1HIT 1c <got him in the leg> d : 1KILL 1 <swore to get them>
7 a : to be subjected to or experience <get a broken nose> b : to receive as punishment <got six months for stealing>
8 a : to find out by calculation <got the right answer> b : to hear correctly <I didn't get your name> c : UNDERSTAND 1a <now I've got it> <I get you>
9 : PERSUADE, INDUCE <couldn't get her to agree>
10 a : 1HAVE 1 -- used in the present perfect form with present meaning <I've got no time> b : to have to : MUST -- used in the present perfect form with present meaning <has got to come> c : to be able <got to go swimming>
11 : DELIVER 6 <the car gets 20 miles to the gallon>
12 : to leave immediately <told them to get>
- get ahead : to achieve success (as in business)
- get at
1 : to reach effectively
2 : to try to prove or make clear <what is he getting at?>
- get away with : to avoid criticism or punishment for (as a bad action)
- get even : to get revenge
- get even with : to repay in kind
- get into : to become strongly involved in or deeply interested in
- get it : to receive a scolding or punishment
- get one's goat : to make one angry or annoyed
- get over : to recover from
- get through : to reach the end of
- get to
1 : BEGIN 1 <gets to worrying very easily>
2 : to be ready to deal with <I'll get to my homework after dinner>
3 : to have an effect on : INFLUENCE; especially : BOTHER
- get together
1 : to bring or come together : ASSEMBLE
2 : to reach agreement
- get wind of : to become aware of
- get with it : to become alert or aware
synonyms GET, OBTAIN, PROCURE, SECURE mean to bring into one's possession. GET applies broadly to any manner of gaining possession <get me another pencil>. OBTAIN may suggest getting by planning or effort <forms must be completed to obtain a loan from the bank>. PROCURE may suggest getting something through a formal or set procedure <procured new desks for the workers>. SECURE may suggest safe or lasting possession <secured rights to publish the book>.

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