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Main Entry: 1meet
Pronunciation: primarystressmemacront
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): met /primarystressmet/; meet·ing
Etymology: Old English memacrontan "to meet"
1 : to come by chance into the presence of : ENCOUNTER <met an old friend>
2 a : to approach from the opposite direction <when you meet another car, keep to the right> b : to touch and join or cross <a fork where two roads meet>
3 : to go where a person or thing is or will be <agreed to meet me at school>
4 a : to become acquainted <the couple met at a dance> b : to make the acquaintance of <met interesting people there>
5 a : to come together as opponents <the teams met in the finals> b : to struggle against : OPPOSE <was chosen to meet the champion>
6 : 2MATCH 4a <tries to meet the competitor's price>
7 : ENDURE 2 <meet defeat bravely>
8 : to come together : ASSEMBLE <meet for discussion>
9 : to become noticed by <sounds that meet the ears>
10 a : to fulfill the requirements of : SATISFY <met all our demands> b : to pay fully : DISCHARGE <meet a financial obligation>
- meet halfway : to compromise with
- meet with : to be subjected to : ENCOUNTER <the plan met with opposition>

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