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Main Entry: 1plate
Pronunciation: primarystressplamacrt
Function: noun
1 a : a flat thin piece of material b : metal in sheets <steel plate> c : a thin layer of one metal deposited on another
2 a : one of the broad metal pieces used in armor b : armor made of plates
3 : a usually flat bony or horny bodily part forming part of a covering of an animal (as some fishes or reptiles)
5 : any of the huge movable segments into which the earth's lithosphere is divided and which are held to float on and travel over the mantle
6 a : precious metal; especially : silver bullion b : vessels (as bowls or cups) used in the home and made of or plated with precious metal (as silver)
7 a : a shallow usually circular dish from which food is eaten or served b : a main food course served on a plate <a plate of spaghetti> c : food and service for one person <a dinner at $10 a plate> d : a dish or pouch used in taking a collection (as in a church)
8 a : a prepared surface from which printing is done b : a sheet of material (as plastic or glass) coated with a chemical sensitive to light for use in a camera
10 : the part of a denture that holds the false teeth and fits to the mouth; also : a set of false teeth
11 : a full-page illustration <an art book with color plates>
- plate·like /-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective

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