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Main Entry: wan·der
Pronunciation: primarystresswän-dschwar
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wan·dered; wan·der·ing /-d(schwa-)rieng/
1 : to move about without a purpose
2 : to follow a winding course : MEANDER
3 a : to get off the right course : STRAY <wandered away> b : to lose one's normal mental concentration <her mind wandered>
- wander noun
- wan·der·er /-dschwar-schwar/ noun
synonyms WANDER, ROAM, RAMBLE, MEANDER mean to move about from place to place without a reason or plan. WANDER suggests that one does not follow a fixed course while moving about <the nomads wandered in the desert for hundreds of years>. ROAM suggests a carefree wandering over a wide area often for pleasure <I roamed over the hills and through the meadows>. RAMBLE suggests that one wanders in a careless way and without concern for where one goes <tourists rambling through the park>. MEANDER suggests following a winding course and may also suggest moving lazily <the youngsters meandered on the way home>.

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