Student Thesaurus

One entry found for liberality.
Entry Word: liberality
Function: noun
Text: the quality or state of being generous <already known for his liberality, the billionaire continued to give away record amounts of money>
Synonyms bountifulness, bounty, generosity, largess (or largesse), openhandedness, openheartedness, philanthropy, unselfishness
Related Words beneficence, charity; kindness; gift, gratuity, lagniappe; tribute; extravagance, improvidence, lavishness, prodigality, wastefulness; spendthrift; dissipating, squandering
Near Antonyms conserving, economizing, economy, frugality, husbandry, providence, scrimping, skimping, thrift; conservation, saving; husbanding, managing; scraping; cutting back
Antonyms cheapness, closeness, meanness, miserliness, parsimony, penuriousness, pinching, stinginess, tightness